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Funding Your Small Business

4 Reason Why Your Business Isn't Growing

Often we talk about all the external reasons why your business isn't growing, but today let's talk about how you might be standing in the way of your own business.

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What Is a LLC (Limited Liability Company)?

LLC means “limited liability company,” which is a separate legal entity that is distinct from that of the business owner(s), which means the owners will usually not be personally liable for the company’s debts or lawsuits.

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16 Ways to Invest in Your Small Business

💡 You will always be treadmillin’ aka going nowhere fast if you are not willing to invest in your brand! Listen to me, you must invest in your brand to see it grow. There is no way around it! 💰⁣

Just think about it, if you won’t invest in your brand – what makes you think others will? Make it make sense! 🤨⁣

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