Sleek. Savvy. Smart.

That’s how people describe the Maven, Sammi Bivens. 

She is now the founder and CEO of DMM, but she has pursued her business dreams even earlier than that. What makes her the digital marketing professional of choice? 

Definitely her 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship. Plus, her elite knowledge of marketing from her MBA and years in corporate America. More than that though, clients seek her out because of her genuine passion to help others become as successful as her.

Creating Her Own Opportunity

Bright-eyed and excited for the future, Sammi graduated college with a degree in marketing and a desire to show her value in the workforce. As luck would have it, opportunities were slim during this time and hiring managers were closing their doors rather than opening it. That’s when Sammi took measures into her own hands. 





Since then Sammi has refined her entrepreneurial skillset, expanded her work experience to the corporate level, earned the prized MBA, and skyrocketed her growing DMM business. She is proud to share her story of grit as an inspiration and as a step-by-step roadmap for women just like her who have a dream in their heart and a commitment to see it all the way through.

She started her first business, Tainted Rose, where she tapped into her passion for fashion. Really though, she tapped into so much more. Her entrepreneurial flame started to never be put out. She experienced first-hand what it takes to start and maintain a business. She listened. She learned. And she took notes, preparing for the day she could show others. 


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