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Your Brand’s New Marketing and Business Development Strategist

Sammi is on a mission to help small businesses grow to their fullest potential. She uses her background in entrepreneurship and corporate experience as a Marketing Manager to design customized digital marketing strategies that communicate her client's unique business value while also helping to ensure that their business foundation is intact. She not only wants to help you create a beautiful brand identity but she also wants your business to be sustainable for scalable growth.

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Learn how to grow your business with an experienced
 digital marketing professional by your side.

Personalized Attention

Driven By Numbers 

Backed By Industry Practices

Sammi has been there, done that. She knows precisely how to leverage your strengths and showcase your value.

Your goal is Sammi’s goal. Want to get more traffic, leads, clients, sales for your business?

Being in the game long enough, you learn a thing or two. Sammi uses current, best practices to help your business grow.

Personalized Attention

Driven By Numbers

Backed By Industry Practices

Let’s partner together.

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Who We Are

Led by our founder and CEO, the Maven, we are a small and mighty team of creative minds and business gurus. Our collective experience in digital marketing serves as our springboard to imaginative branding and actionable next steps that spark business growth.

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Who We Serve

We equip start-ups, existing small businesses, and non-profits with high quality branding and marketing that will increase their revenue, visibility, and spotlight the businesses they have proudly created. Our competitive pricing models enable our small business clients to create the strategic marketing plans they need to level the playing field with bigger companies.

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What we do

We dig deep into the value each client brings to the market and dream up the best strategy that will work in their favor. We are equipped in branding, graphic design, social media, website building, email marketing, e-commerce management and much more. Additionally we work with you to ensure that your brand's foundation is as solid as it's aesthetic.

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Sammi and her team did an incredible job on my website refresh. Thank you for taking the time to take in my feedback and all that comes along with this process. You exceeded expectations!

Tashara Parker
Emmy Award winning Journalist










• Approximately 20% of small businesses fail within the 1st year

• 30% of businesses fail within the 2nd year

• About half of business fail by the end of the 5th year

• Only 30% of businesses remain by the end of the decade—that’s a 70% failure rate

(Source:, 2020)

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The numbers prove it.

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