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Adviser and Lead Copywriter

Nicole Overton 

Nicole has more than a decade of experience as a copywriter creating marketing materials for several colleges and universities across the country including Baylor University, Louisiana State University (LSU), Mississippi College, and more. From websites to billboards to email campaigns, her marketing knowledge is extensive.

Nicole also works as a freelance editor where she edits manuscripts for various publishing companies. Her clients include National Geographic, DC Comics, Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster and several others. Nicole earned her Bachelors in Media Communication from Webster University and is currently pursuing her MFA.

Lead Graphic Designer

Jason Marshall

With 20+ years of graphic design experience, Jason is an Arkansas native who learned marketing, advertising, and design as a result of having a successful run as a local music artist and event promoter in the Central Arkansas Metro area. Originally doing these things for himself out of necessity, other entrepreneurs and faith-based organizations took notice of his work and wanted him to do the same for them.

Jason is also a Life Insurance expert and serves as Marketing Director for a national Insurance Marketing Organization where he recruits and helps Financial Professionals all across the country find the best solutions for their clients.

When he is not helping his wonderful clients, you can find him spending time with his family, serving at his church, and making music.

Lead Web Designer

Victoria Williams

Victoria is a established designer specializing in package and beauty branding with 15+ years of experience. Victoria has worked behind-the-scenes building unforgettable brands while upholding industry standards with visual branding that stands out in the marketplace.

Born and raised in San Diego, Ca Victoria is a wife and mother of three. 

Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Design

Danielle Pendarvis

Danielle is an Arkansas Native who graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts & Web Design. She has over three years of graphic design experience and worked for FreeRange Concepts and Rubcorp Distribution LLC. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, writing and crocheting.

Social Media Content Creator

Courtney "CJ" Cross-Johnson

Courtney “CJ” Cross-Johnson is a freelance social media manager, strategist, and content creator. After graduating from the University of Miami, she moved to Texas where she has spent the last decade of her life. A former teacher and middle-school leadership team member, she transitioned to working in the educational nonprofit sector prior to launching her company, 21Twelve Creative Co.

When speaking with her peers, you will often hear that she adds “glitter & sparkle” to anything she touches which in her terms means, she makes content pop. She has worked her way from volunteering in marketing spaces in 2012 to working with over 25 companies over the last 2 years. Throughout her tenure, she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of industries including real estate, mental health, startups, business coaches, and more. Most recently, she has been included in the African American Marketing Association's "50+ Black Marketers On The Rise" list.

While CJ loves being an entrepreneur, her “big girl dream” is to be a published author, professional philanthropist, owner of a Black women’s safe space that sells tea, candles, and books, and the manager of a scholarship foundation in honor of her late godfather, Jerome A. Johnson.


Alejandra Torres

Alejandra is a rising creative writer with a passion for weaving together the perfect words. Her natural storytelling ability, advanced writing-focused degrees, and knack for finding even the smallest typos help her write the ideal words that draw attention. She’s written for B2B and B2C companies, startups, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, young professionals and more. No matter how complex the topic, Alejandra stays true to her writing motto: Write the way people speak and you’ll be amazed at how you can grow your audience.

Outside of work, Alejandra spends her time catching up on reading and personal writing—refining her craft and mentally storing away new and innovative ways to write. You can find her at the library, bookstore or the park accompanied by her son and husband.

Graphic Design and Video Editing

Chris Williams

Christopher Williams is a multidisciplinary Creative Artist currently residing in Arkansas. His primary focus is Graphic Design, Video Production, Vector Illustration and Traditional Arts. He specializes in design and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, small business, and faith-based organizations. His goal is to develop creative solutions to solve problems and help clients reach their potential.

He has earned his BFA in Studio Art and MBA in IT Management. When not designing, Christopher enjoys spending time with his family and watching football and basketball.

Graphic Design

Kerpasha Davis

Kerpasha is the owner of Queen K Designs, a company that offers strategic support, graphic design, and marketing strategy services to ministries, companies, entrepreneurs, and business owners across the United States. She resides in southwest Georgia and is known for her creative eye in design. Kerpasha holds several certifications in graphic and web design and serves organizations throughout the United States. She has been recognized for her spirit of excellence achieving several academic, ministerial, and professional awards, including Business Woman of the Year (2015), Creative Person of the Year (2018), and Woman of the Year (2022). Additionally, Kerpasha's biggest achievements are as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, and godmother.

Marketing Admin

Kya Cherry

Kya is best known for her contributions in banking and customer service. She has spent the majority of her career in the finance industry as a financial sales representative, driven by being of service to others. As a seasoned financial sales representative gaining unparalleled experience, she spent significant time training associates, delegating tasks, and handling administrative functions, alongside providing stellar customer service. Taking pride in her interpersonal skills, she began her career in the digital marketing space dedicated to helping others.

Her passion for advancing led to establishing herself as a respected entrepreneur and becoming certified in project management and data analysis. Her goals include philanthropy and World-wide travel. Outside of the office, Kya can be found outdoors enjoying nature or traveling trying new food!

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