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Learn all about the best e-commerce platform for small and growing businesses, learn to market your business, and become a Shopify connoisseur in just one workshop.



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A one-time $99 investment can help prepare you for 4-figure sales on your launch date.
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It’s like they all say, “Preparation is the key to success.” And in my Shopify course, I aim to do just that. And yes, I’ve seen the 4-figure launches firsthand. In fact, my business has helped 10+ clients launch at or above 4 figures on the first day—that’s one of our most proudest achievements.

Hi I'm Sammi, a seasoned Shopify user (12+ years) and a Shopify Partner. I know the ins and outs of this e-commerce tool. In my first business, I shipped to almost all 50 states and to several countries. And throughout the years, I’ve gotten even better. I’ve helped build more than 40 successful online stores with my clients.
And I can help yours too!

In this course, I’ll prepare you for the most common online shopping pitfalls so you can easily overcome them without missing a beat.




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So if this sounds like you:

I have a Shopify store but it isn’t performing well

I want to create an online store but don’t know where to start

I find Shopify overwhelming

 I wanted to hire someone to help but can’t afford it right now

I want to learn how to personalize my online boutique

…then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve taught my clients how to approach this larger than life tool from a practical standpoint. Together, we’ll delve into the store customization features, automation functionalities, shipping procedures, policies and so much more.


  • Pre-recorded 2.5-hour course
  • Pre-recorded Q&A session
  • Recorded session sent afterward
  • Access to my website checklist 
  • Access to my copywriting tip sheet
  • Access to my vendor lists for sourcing products and packaging
  • Policy templates for shipping, refunds, exchanges, and returns
  • Sales channels
  • Facebook pixel/integration
  • The pages you need on your site - About, Contact, Home, Product Pages etc.
  •  Adding products 
  • App Store Integrations
  • Copywriting/SEO
  • Email marketing list building
  • Store customization
  • Social proofing i.e adding testimonials
  • Shipping
  • Policies


...all for only $99

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Precisely what you need to sell your products and scale up your business. And in my workshop, I’ll show you how to navigate that from start to finish.

You’ll complete the course ready to create and manage your own store independently – that’s the value you are truly purchasing here: total confidence and skills to be your own store expert.

Great question. As the leading e-commerce platform, this subscription-based software offers you a best-in-class shopping experience for you and your customers. It’s a one-stop shop that gives you all the functionalities every seller needs at an affordable price. 

Take advantage of its rich features such as the online storefront customization, inventory management, payment processors, financial reports, website analytics, and shipping options.

Plus, it is cloud-based, meaning you can sync Shopify to any device so you can check on your store in your home, at the office or on the go.

What are you waiting on?


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