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February 16, 2024

Using custom stickers to elevate your brand.

You have a business. Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, the heart of your mission, inspiration, and the way you operate is singular and unique! Of course, you have a logo, right?  If not, make sure to check out Digital Marketing Maven to get help with establishing your brand identity. You know what you stand for and the goal is to build brand awareness and attract your ideal target audience. One way to do that is by having your logo available to be seen by your customers and clients and distributed organically with custom stickers. 

Let’s discuss how to use custom stickers as a cost-effective way to elevate your branding and marketing. 

Brand Recognition

Logos catch people’s eyes and they remember the colors, shapes, and key phrases of their favorite brands or companies.  How many times have you seen a random green circle and thought of Starbucks? And let’s be honest, Target OWNS the red bullseye, it’s inescapable. Custom stickers and decals are a great way to expand on this connection customers have with vision and brand recognition. Applying them to your products, using them to seal packages, or attaching them to paperwork, receipts, and invoices can inconspicuously place your brand into a business transaction, all while serving an actual purpose.

Marketing and Promotion

Custom stickers are functional as we discussed, but they are also a strong marketing tool. They can highlight short or long-term product promotions, special or holiday offers, and limited edition items. Nonprofits and event planners always look for swag items to include with goodie bags for participants.  A great way to promote your business is to have custom stickers to donate.  You don’t need an overload of items in displays but custom stickers can add a subtle touch in a retail setting. Radio, TV, and even social media marketing can be pricey, so why not add a cost-effective item like custom stickers to your marketing budget? 

Where to Get Them

Sticker Mule is a one-stop shop for a lot of your branding needs. They’re an affordable option to reach a wide audience and level up your brand awareness.  By choosing them for your custom stickers, packaging, labels, etc you’ll have access to fast and easy ordering, free proofs, artwork assistance, and so much more! And if you use this link to order you will get $10 off!

Find out more information about customization options with Sticker Mule by visiting their website and exploring options for your custom stickers now!

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