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The Essentials of Branding Your Business

January 12, 2021

 The Ultimate Starter Kit for Launching a Legitimate Small or Large Business 

So you’re ready to embark on your new business endeavor but haven’t the slightest clue where to begin? A lot of amazing and innovative ideas never see the light of day because the shadow of being over inundated with startup obstacles can feel both intimidating and stagnating. That’s why to successfully make it past the beginner’s hump, you need a plan. Luckily the Maven has you covered with the below top 5 essentials you will need to carefully curate and launch a strategy that will ensure a strong and successful start to your business by leaving no stone unturned. 

  • Logo: First things first, once you have determined the name of your business, it’s time to capture your clientele with a creative and compelling logo.  Your logo serves as a visual representation of your company and should be distinguishable by your target audience. Make your logo unique and catchy so that when consumers see it, they will be able to easily associate it with you or your brand. People will typically use a graphic, mark, emblem, or symbol to uniquely identify their company. Think of brands like Apple, Nike, and Target. When you see these signs, you know the market these companies represent and the items they sell. Digital Marketing Maven offers unique logo curating services that will help bring your logo concept to life. 

  • Website: Your website provides the credibility you need to establish yourself as a legitimate business owner. Your website should be user friendly, concise, and professional so clients can easily navigate and locate the services or items they are looking for. Not having a website can put an owner in danger of sacrificing a substantial return on investment because they are not optimizing their marketing strategies. A fully functional website not only ensures you are delivering a quality (one-stop) consumer experience but it also keeps all of your orders and clients organized in a database to help you fulfill individual requests with ease. DMM can assist by creating a turnkey website housed with customizable pages and designs. 

  • Brand Style Guide: A brand style guide is the rulebook housing all of the unique naming conventions and particulars of your company that dictate the look and feel of your brand. This book will contain everything from typography to color and imagery. DMM will work with you to create a seamless and streamlined guide.

  • Social Media Presence: We are living in a more digital environment than ever right now so even if you’re not a huge social media enthusiast, you most certainly need to utilize the ability to convert your business into an overnight success in the event that your company strikes marketing gold one day. With the proper hashtags, keywords, and professional imagery, you can attract loyal clients from the social media community that will catapult your business to another level. Instagram and Facebook accounts are free to create and market your business. With the proper social media marketing and a little guidance from DMM, you can generate a huge following and a heftier client base. 

  • Business Cards: Even though today’s market is more optimized for the digital world, you still want to make sure you have a stack of business cards handy and ready to distribute to random potential clients/customers you encounter on a day to day. Make sure your business cards contain your logo and the name of your business on the front side accompanied by your name, title, and contact information on the back. DMM can assist you with designing and ordering your very own business cards!

Your logo, website, brand style, social media presence, and business cards are all the essentials you need to get your business off to the right start. Digital Marketing Maven can assist you every step of the way by equipping your new company with the advice and services you need to execute your business goals like a boss.

Sign up for one of our branding bundles today and make your dreams a reality sis!

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