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Why You Need a Website + Free Tips!

November 17, 2020

Check out my latest Instagram Live!

I gave out lots of free tips and website best practices! See below for a summary!

Top 4 reasons why you need a website:

  1. A website makes it easy for your customers/clients to shop with you.

  2. It establishes credibility and builds trust.

  3. It helps you as a business owner to streamline your processes and it helps you provide a better customer experience.

  4. Lastly, but not mentioned in the video is OWNERSHIP. You need to own your own content. If one of these social media platforms goes down, will you still be able to connect with your customers? Can you still make sales or book appointments?

Main Takeaways:

  1. Your website should be mobile-friendly.

  2. Ensure that you have proper navigation – is it easy to find products on your site? Are all the links working on your site?

  3. Have relevant Calls To Action.

  4. Make sure your policies are clearly listed. Policies include – shipping, returns, refunds, privacy etc.

Other resources mentioned in the video:

If you need help creating your website or improving your current website, email me today to get started.

I hope you all found these tips helpful! Make sure you are following on Instagram so that you don’t miss my next live!

Sammi B.

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